Slant Horse Trailer narrow sized upright water caddy 18 gallon

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High Country Plastics Slant Load Upright Water Caddy - Best choice for trailers when larger tanks will not fit or you don't want to take up as much room, or simply don't need to haul more than 18 gallons.


The High Country Plastics Slant Load 18 Gallon Water Caddy allows you fit a water tank into areas that larger tanks simply don't work.  With this great product, you can take 18 Gallons of fresh water with you on your next trip so your horses or livestock can have quality water fresh from home.  This Water Caddy fits conveniently in the corner of your walk in tack room using the "dead space" in the corner. The High Country Plastics SL-18 Water Caddy is a perfect alternative for those trailers that require a smaller "foot-print" than the larger tanks (which we sell separately).  This tank also is safe for use by both humans and animals to drink from as it's manufactured with FDA approved Polyethylene.  The High Country Plastics translucent poly material makes it extremely easy for you to visually check water levels in the tank without the need to open the fill cap. the Slant Load Water Caddy has a fill cap that is located on the very top middle of the water tank. This water caddie is extremely durable with two molded in aluminum 3/4" drain inserts to ensure the drain attachment spot will never break, sun rot or fail. Two 3/4" shut off valves are also included. The top shut off valve allows for filling a bucket with out needing to attach a hose. The bottom shut off valve allows for easier draining. The strap kit provided makes installation quick and easy.


• FDA approved plastic is safe for human consumption.

18 gallon capacity
10½" on two sides, 11½" on one side by 72" H



Limited 3 Year