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As you may have seen in the news, many websites have been hacked and credit card fraud is only getting worse. Examples include:

  • Card data stolen from 5 million Saks and Lord & Taylor’s customers in 2018
  • 56 million card numbers from Home Depot in 2014
  • 40 million card numbers from Target in 2013
Our customers need to know that we take your credit card security seriously and have taken forward leaning measures to protect your information by using services which specialize in security. Our website uses sitewide HTTPS and we subscribe to hosted ecommerce services which provide us with hosting and high levels of expertise in the areas of security -- this enables our website to provide high levels of performance and Level 1 PCI compliance. The eCommerce platform that we use provides Multi-Layered security to prevent unauthorized access, including perimeter and server-specific firewalls, file integrity scanners, intrusion detection software, and 24/7 human monitoring.
We specifically chose to use specialized ecommerce services where we subscribe to software as a service instead of handling security 'in house' because we want to leave this important task to those that are experts in it.... that means we pay professionals to handle this technical specialty; they are able to continually evolve skill sets and make changes to ensure our security remains up to date and you remain protected. We understands your concerns over Internet security. Because we share your concerns, we've chosen to use a leading edge eCommerce service provider so that the needed security is constantly monitored, updated, and in place.... one that lets you shop and order with confidence.
Furthermore, unlike many other websites, we do not store credit card numbers on our website for future use. We require a customer to enter it completely on each order. In fact, we go one step further and use payment services such as Paypal, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, and other credit card payment processing platforms that handle payment security and processing.... we never receive or see your credit card information and therefore it is never stored on our system.
How we protect your security:
Using a combination of a leading e-commerce business service along with the security features built into most popular browsers, along with fraud detection services and secure payment processing services we are able to protect your information; our site provides you with advanced online shopping security.