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Horse Mounting Block


This is one of the best horse mounting blocks we've seen, extremely durable and stable yet light enough to move around.  This superb mounting block is great for getting on your horse or for when you need to just reach a little higher for such things as washing your truck or trailer or accessing those harder to reach areas.  The steps are larger (deeper) to give extra space for your feet making easier to keep your safe footing when trying to mount.

Don't be fooled by copycats....

look at the dimensions before you buy and you'll quickly notice they are not the same thing... this product has the height and step depth you will want... quality not found in the cheap models which can be less safe with less stability and smaller narrow steps along with unproductive lower height.  Get what you need.... you'll be happier for a long long time.

Make easy work of mounting, grooming, or other barn chores with one of these convenient step units.

 Super Strong Design

The High Country Plastics 3 Step Mounting Block is super strong because it is Roto-molded to stand up to rugged use, with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty! The 3-Step unit features a built-in carrying handles and an opening in the back so you can store grooming tools.

Larger Size


Size: Measures 31 1/4" L x 18" W x 22 1/2" H

Weight: 25 lbs












Life Time Manufacture's Warranty