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Horse Mounting Block


This mounting block is one of the best horse mounting platforms we've seen; the steps are larger, the block is taller, it is easy to position, stable, durable and will last for years.

Larger Size

This extremely tough and strong 2-Step mounting step is a best choice for helping around the barn or assisting you to get up on that taller horse you own.  The step size is large and give you more places to put your feet.  Do not be fooled by copycats or cheaper models...  this is a very stable and well built step and unlike those cheap copycats, this tough mounting block has a taller height, larger step size, and more solid construction.  Look closely at the step size (how much room you have) and the height... this is one great product!  The last thing you want to be standing on is a flimsy tipsy step as you try to use it.

 Size: 26" L x 15" W x 19" H