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High Country Plastics Two Wheel Heavy Duty Saddle Rack Cart (Dolly)


When you select your Saddle Rack Cart from the many choices available, be sure you choose one with good tires and solid weight or it will be hard to push and very unstable.  This outstanding saddle rack cart is just what you need, it weighs around 50 pounds so it is heavy duty and stable and by using Pneumatic (air) tires it is MUCH easier to push over uneven ground.  If you've ever pushed a cheap cart over grass and then used this one you'll understand how nice this product is. 
By using Pneumatic Tires the cart is better suited for all terrain Use! The Hand Truck design allows for ease of use and includes removable saddle racks and basket.  During construction, you can pick from several different heights to best fit the person.  The removable basket enables you to keep brushes, bottles, fly sprays, bandages, etc handy so you don't have to run back to the barn or trailer.  Don't be fooled by similar looking copycats; this saddle rack cart is the nicest one we've ever used and is a great choice for both Western and English saddles.  Assembly is required.

Two Wheel Saddle Rack Dolly / Cart

Size:  approx. 52in H x 24in W x 28in Diameter

Weight: approx. 50 lbs

Color:  Gray Hammer Tone Powder Coated