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Insulated Stall Waterer Reduces Freezing Problems


This High Country Plastics durable and impact resistant Bucket Holder is constructed with heavy insulation and UV protection and is one of the best ways to keep water in your horse's stall. The heavy insulated design keeps your horse's water cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  With a superior design this heavy insulated Stall Waterer does NOT need electricity and therefor poses no fire or shock hazard.  You can fill this up with 5 gallons of water and the heavy insulated water holder is designed to work with or without the bucket.  This water bucket is capable of preventing water from freezing all the way down to 15 degrees if placed in a stall that is occupied by a horse that is drinking from the bucket.  Horse owners fully understand that one of the best ways to keep a horse from having health problems is to keep water available at all times.  Because the insulated bucket holder keeps the water cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than uninsulated water sources your horse will enjoy drinking more often and therefore you can help reduce the risk of a medical emergency. The superb design of this High Country Plastics heavy insulated water bucket enables it to be used with or without a bucket, so cleaning is easy.  This bucket holder includes a 5 gallon bucket and a float. The float bowl is a critical part of keeping the water from freezing as it helps to insulate the water from the top by floating at or just below water surface, this way horses can easily access the water by nudging the float which also helps keep the water moving around. When used as designed with a horse regularly using it the water will remain unfrozen to approximately 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

No Plumbing or Electricity Needed


No plumbing is needed as this is not an auto waterer and no electricity is needed... therefore, no chance of freezing pipes, flooding stalls, fire, or electric shock hazard.  Simply fill the 5 gallon bucket as needed and let your horse enjoy.  Place two of these in the stall if you want to ensure your horse has extra water available.

Mounting Instructions


Mounts easily to wood stalls by simply placing lag screws with washers through the four holes located on the edges of the waterer.

Dimensions: 18.75 x 14 x 15.75 inches

Weight 15 pounds


Limited 5 year warranty