Slow Feeder Saver for Horses - Natural Grazing in a Box

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The High Country Plastics Slow Feeder Saver is an extraordinary product that will improve the health and well being of your horse while saving you money by reducing vet and hay costs.  The horse feeder box is durable and made from rotationally molded plastic which has rounded smooth edges to keep your horse safe.  T

Made in the USA. 39 1/2”L x 28 1/2”W x 19 1/2”H.

Why you should use a Slow Feeder


The Slow Feeder Hay Saver is designed to give your horse the healthiest and most natural eating experience possible.  The horse's digestive system is designed to process food all day long and the lack of small amounts of continual hay can cause havoc on a horse's body; ranging from their stomach to their hooves. Improper feeding of 'meals' results in costly vet bills and horse illness.  Why is this?  A horse's digestive system is different than ours.  While we eat 'meals' a horse is designed to be a forager, which means it eats small amounts of plants all day long.  The small but continual amounts of food continually passes through the horse's digestive system and feeds not only the horse, but the enzymes and bacteria in the horse's gut that help with fermentation and digestion.  Because the horse has a slow processing digestive system and relies on fermination helping enzymes and bacteria it needs small amounts of hay conintually coming in to keep everything alive and in balance.  Feeding 'meals' to a horse will create chaos, sugar levels will spike causing hoof problems such as laminitis and founder.  Additionally the risk of developing Insulin Resistance goes up as does the chances of colic.  By using a quality 'Slow Feeder' to spread out the intake of hay you simulate the small amount of food intake and all day grazing the horse is designed for.  This food intake regulation lowers your horse's risk for ulcers, colic, and metabolic disorders.  I can't stress enough how important it is to feed properly.  Not only will your horse's digestive system become less prone for problems but your horse's hooves will become better when you control sugar intake insulin spikes associated with 'meals'.  Ok, so how does a 'meal' hurt the hoof you ask?  Because when you feed a 'meal' the digestive enzymes along with the probiotics needed to maintain a balance in the digestive tract die off when there is no food to process between meals.  This microbial die-off and associated toxins created enter the blood and destroy the hoof laminae causing separation (can be seen by the rings on the hoof's outer wall). By keeping a slow constant low sugar feed supply you can prevent the 'die off 'process then prevents the creation of the toxins.  With a continual, reliable source of feed from the Slow Feeder the hoof laminae stops being inflamed and reliable sources of glucose needed for strong feet are continually present.

How the Slow Feeder improves horse health and saves money

The High Country Plastics Slow Feeder Saver will save you money and improve the health of your horse and is ideal for any horse that is stalled, stabled or simply eats 'meals' instead of continually grazing ample amounts of forage.  All of these types of horses will benefit from this Slow Feeder Box. The small grate holes of the top cover prevents your horse from wasting feed.  Wasting feed can be viewed by many means; by consuming it to quickly and disrupting the balanced process is a waste of money spent; by taking large mouthfuls and then dropping portions on the ground; and by purposely spreading it out on the ground.  The design forces the horse to take small bites so the hay provided is fed over a much longer period instead of all at once. This 'slowness' while feeding is not only ideal for their digestion but is is ideal for their mind as well as it has the added benefit of keeping them occupied longer which will reduce boredom. Boredom can lead to cribbing, stall weaving, pacing, and poor temperament.  Slow Feeding is proven to improve the digestive process, which leads to better overall Equine health. The Slow Feeder's height places your horse in a natural anatomic feeding position producing better conformation and less stress on their joints; it also reduces the chances of choking. The solid Poly bottom reduces the time your horse is eating off the ground dramatically reducing the possibility of colic. Horses by nature are grazing animals with digestive systems evolved to process food in small portions up to 16 hours per day. In today's world many horses are stabled, kept in barns or don't have the availability grasses to graze on so natural grazing simply isn't an option. Many veterinarian visits such as ulcers, colic, weight issues and COPD are direct results of how horses are fed and with the High Country Plastics Slow Feeder you can help reduce those problems and help eliminate these costly vet visits! With current hay prices the Slow Feeder Saver can pay for itself by eliminating feed waste.


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