High Country Upright 39 Gal Corner Horse Trailer water Caddy

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High Country Plastics Slant Load 39 Gallon Water Caddy


This outstanding water caddy would be a great addition to your slant load horse trailer and would allow you to take up to 39 Gallons of fresh water with you on your next outing.  This High Country Water Caddy will fit nicely into the corner of your walk in tack room and would make use of that otherwised dead space in the corner.


This Water Caddy is made from FDA approved Polyethelene making it safe for both you and your horse or other animals to drink from. The color of the water caddy is transulcent poly which means you can see the water level in the tank so it is extremely easy for you to check the water levels in the tank. The fill cap is located on the top middle of the water tank for easy access and the water caddy includes two molded in aluminum 3/4" drain inserts to ensure a long lasting durable product. Two 3/4" shut off valves included. The top shut off valve is best used for filling a bucket with out needing to attach a hose, where the bottom shut off valve allows for easier draining using a hose. The strap kit provided makes installation quick and easy, however we recommend using ratching style straps instead which can be purchased from your local discount store.

Weight: 29.0 lbs.

Size: 14"sides X 14.5 Facing Side X 72" High





3 Year Limited Warranty