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High Country Plastics 63 Gallon Pickup Bed Water Caddy

This top of the line High Country Plastics 63 Gallon Pickup Bed Water Caddy is an innovative way to haul up to 63 gallons of fresh water in your pick-up truck while still allowing for easy hook-up to a RV fifth wheel or gooseneck horse or livestock trailer. It is designed to be positioned at the back or front of a fender well with convenient and easy access to water fill caps located on both sides. High Country Plastics uses FDA approved polyethylene in the construction of this high end water caddy so water is safe for both you and your animals to drink. By using translucent poly you can easily see the water level without need of opening a fill cap. for convenience, fill caps located on each side of the tank provide easy filling from either side of your pick-up. The molded in aluminum 3/4" drain insert ensures the drain attachment spot will never break, sun rot or fail. One 3/4" shut off valve is included. There are four handy built in cup holders to hold drinks or sprays. The TC-63 High Country Plastics Water Caddy incorporates a center storage area with a lid for storage of miscellaneous items.  Weighs only 55 lbs for easy loading and unloading.

Weight: 55.0 lbs.

Lid: ash gray

Size: 60 1/4" L x 21" W x 18 1/2" H 

Size of Storage Area:18" L x 17 3/4" W x 4" Deep




Limited 3 Year