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High Country Plastics 35 Gallon Round Barrel Water Caddy.

This extremely tough High County Plastics Round Barrel Water Caddy allows you to take 35 Gallons of fresh water with you on your next road trip and can fit in several trailer locations or in the back of your pick-up. This durable Round Barrel Water Caddy is manufactured with FDA approved Polyethelene so the water is safe for both humans and animals to use for drinking water.  The transulcent poly plastic allows you to easily check water levels in the tank. The fill cap is located on the very top middle of the water tank for easy access while filling. High Country Plastics uses a molded in aluminum 3/4" drain insert to ensure the drain attachment spot will never break, sunrot or fail. One 3/4" shut off valve is included.

18" L x 18" W x 37" H

weight: 26 pounds




Limited 3 Year