Half Moon Upright Water Caddy 48 Gallon High Country Plastics

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Horse & Livestock Trailer water Caddy

This FDA approved water caddy is ideal for use in horse and stock trailers and holds 48 gallons of water.  The half moon water caddy design features two shut off valves making it easier to use with a bucket or water hose. The water caddies translucent plastic allows you to see the water level in the tank while a cap at the top can be used for easy filling or ventilation. the flat back design allows it to fit up against most walls.

Two shut-off valves allow for multiple applications; place a bucket under the upper valve and/or attach a hose to the lower valve.(hose and bucket not included...

This is a great High Country Plastics product!!

It will fit on most flat walls of the Trailer and comes with (2) 1" x 55" straps... although for extra security we recommend you use ratcheting style tie down straps which can be purchased at your local retail store.

weight: 26 pounds
FDA approved: safe for both people and animals
Size: 63 1/2" L x 18" W x 12" H