Dry Camp Horse Water Tank & Saddle Rack - 30 Gal Trailer Water Caddy

High Country Plastics
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Saddle Rack Water Caddy


This is one of the best water tanks we've seen and another great FDA approved product from High Country Plastics.  This sturdy Dry Camp Water Caddy will allow you to store two saddles on top of the tank as well as bring water from home.  Horses drink better when the water taste the same (from home) and you are likely to reduce chances of sickness due to poor water quality when traveling.  Combining a water caddy with a saddle rack is one of the best ideas we've seen for making the most of your limited space inside your horse or stock trailer.


Ideal water caddy for horse and stock trailers.

The water tank and saddle rack’s natural color allows easy water level viewing. The saddle rack holds two saddles.


• Built for horse and stock trailers.
• Great space saving product with this 2-in-1 caddy – water tank and saddle rack.
• Saddle rack holds two saddles.
• FDA approved polyethylene; safe for you and your animal

• The water tank’s natural color allows easy water level viewing.
• 3 year Warranty


30 gallon capacity

44 1/2"  x 13" W x 19 3/4" 

Weight: 22 lbs.