High Country Plastics 48 Gallon Half Moon Hay Rack Water Caddy

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HIgh Country Plastics 48 Gallon Half Moon Hay Rack Water Caddy

This High Country Plastics hay rack water caddy is one of the best ways to haul water if you have a hayrack on your trailer and uses FDA approved plastic making is safe for both people and animals.  Using this product keeps your avaiable space inside the trailer available for other items and moves the water hauling storage up onto your existing hay rack on your trailer.  I can also be placed in the back of your pickup for hauling water to livestock in the pasture and with a 48 gallon capacity it will nearly fill most water tanks that typically hold around 50 gallons.

The design of this tank is sleek and aerodynamicly shapped to reduce wind drag and includes an 8' hose and shut off valve to allow filling from the ground.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you secure water caddies with tie down ratchets (not included) to prevent movement from side to side while moving.  Ratchet style tie down straps are inexpensive and can be purchased from the automotive dept of most retail stores. 

Translucent plastic allow you to see water level in the tank. 

This tank also comes in black if you are in need of a tank to supply water to your existing cowboy shower (the black color heats the water from the sun, then folks use that through a home made shower and valve to bath in their horse trailer... and you have yourself a cowboy shower).

saddle rack not included
any parts needed to make a cowboy show  not included...this is only the tank

Size: 63 1/2" L x 18" W x 12" H

Color: Black (cowboy shower), Natural (drinking water)