Andrea Fappani The Art Of Fine Tuning Series 4

Andrea Fappani
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Andrea Fappani The Art of Fine Tuning Series 4 is the Art of Fine Tuning and is the last DVD set of his four part training series (each sold separately in our store)

This Andrea Fappani Training DVD includes 2 DVDs that provides outstanding information, examples and lessons that will allow you to keep your broke horses fresh and at their best in the show pen.  Through the instruction and examples in this outstanding series you'll be able acquire the skills to keep your horses very honest, more competitive in the show arena, and to maximize your horses results in the Derby's aged events, as well as throughout their show career. 

This DVD set provides questions and answers, demonstrations and overviews that you will have as it relates to competing with your horse. With Andrea Fappani's training DVD you improve your training, showing, and ability to plan for and develope a successful show career.  Your skills and success will greatly improve with this comprehensive, easy to follow and understand instruction program.

This Andrea Fappani DVD provides detailed instruction and examples that will provide a solid process to improving your skills on horseback and in the show arena.

Segmented Chapters:

IMPROVE & MASTER: Training at home
+ Circles
+ Turnarounds
+ Lead Changes
+ Stops
+ Rollbacks
+ Show Pen
+ Schooling
+ Showing

+ Time Off
+ Breeding
+ Equipment
+ Horse Mistakes
+ Rider Mistakes
+ Health