John Lyons From Ground to Saddle, A Beginner's Guide to Horse Handling with 3 DVDs

John Lyons
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John Lyons From Ground To Saddle, A Beginner's Guide to Horse Handling with 3 DVDs

From Ground to Saddle - "A Beginner's Guide to Horse Handling" includes 3 DVD's of over 4 hours of video lessons, complimented by a 70-page workbook to enhance your learning. Whether you are thinking about taking lessons, have a few lessons under your belt or are looking for new ideas, you are sure to find useful information from this new educational product. Modeled for you is a beginner student working with instructors and a safe horse in a controlled environment. Maximizing safety and learning are demonstrated for you throughout. This pack is designed in a step-by-step fashion. The lessons are sequential and easy to follow. The workbook supports the video lessons and provides additional helpful information pertaining to the lessons. This is a must have for the new horse enthusiast. Topics include the following: Getting Started (Principles of Safe Horse Handling) Leading the Horse Catching the Horse Giving to the Bit Sharpening Your Ground Skills Learning to Tie Your Horse Moving Around Your Horse Grooming, Picking Up Feet and Protective Boots Putting on Tack Mounting and Dismounting Holding the Reins, Go, Stop and Back-Up Directional Control Are You Ready to Add Speed? Come along with John & daughter Brandi Lyons as they help Jody Lyons from ground to saddle! 3 DVD All Region DVD Run Time 4 Hours

New but does not come in sealed packaging.  Non Returnable due to copyright.  Sourced directly from John Lyons prior to his Retirment.