Professional's Choice SMX Air Ride Shilloh Saddle Pad

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Professional's Choice Shilloh SMX Air Ride Western Pad
Size: 34 x 36
(first number is the length front to rear in inches)

This pad is one of the best I've used and is our top choice for looks and functionality.  Professional's Choice has created an extraordinary pad that uses their revolutionary SMx H.D. (Heavy Duty) Air Ride Core which protects your prized horse’s back from pressure.  This Air Core is new and improved providing 12 percent more energy absorption and 5 percent greater pliability over the previous version, making this new pad more comfortable than ever.  The new design of the Air Core also allows up to 50 percent more airflow to keep your horse cooler than ever.

The tops of the Shilloh pads are hand woven and have a 100 percent wool Navajo blanket top for durability and good looks. In addition, the Professional's Choice Shilloh performance pad uses a 100 percent merino wool lining which is an ideal material to help wick away moisture and conform to the horse’s back, giving your horse maximum comfort.

The 100 percent wool top is a critical part of this pad, because it is densely woven it will be extremely durability with the added benefit that this material helps prevent saddle slippage. Wool’s natural elasticity is a result of its fibers ability to stretch and return to their natural form, extending its lifespan. Each Professional's Choice Shilloh pad is built to exacting standards using the finest products.  By lining the underside with high quality merino wool the horse will have a naturally substance next to them that does a great job of wicking away moisture, a key part of keeping your horse at a cool, comfortable body temperature.  This is a top of the line pad suited for show, trail riding or general use.  Plus, the eye catching design will make you look good on your horse.

Product Features 

Breathable - Patented SMx Air Ride core allows air to circulate, resulting in accelerated heat and moisture evaporation so the horse feels less heat and cools off faster and maintains a cooler, more comfortable body temperature.

Heavy-duty Core - 3/4 inch SMx Material Protects the horse's back from demanding types of riding.

Shock Absorbent - Advanced technology deflects negative energy throughout the pad and away from the horse.

Distributes Pressure - Unique SMx Air Ride core evenly distributes weight from saddle and rider and prevents pressure points from forming, giving an even, comfortable ride.

Compression Resistant - Scientific testing under extremely hard use has proven it maintains its original thickness, resiliency and performance.

Lightweight and Flexible - Designed to keep pressure off the spine and allow additional airflow along the horse's back.

Eye catching - 100 percent natural wool Navajo blanket is densely woven for durability and to prevent saddle slippage.




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