EVO Radius Rasp White RR-1 & Black RR-2 Combo Set -- Curved Stainless Steel Blade

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This listing is selling both the Original White RR-1 and Black RR-2 Pro as a combo set. (The Original White RR-1 and Black RR-2 Pro can also be purchased separately on our website)

The Radius Rasp original and pro can be used by farrier and horse owners alike; it is well suited for barefoot trims.

Get the 'Authentic' hoof Radius Rasp and make it MUCH easier to make a perfect mustang roll on a barefoot horses OR keep your horse's hooves in prime condition by removing those flares between trims.  Yes, flares are a leading cause of abscesses so if you can keep them under control you can remove the chances of your horse getting an abscess and going lame.   

There are few farrier tools that I've used that I've been so impressed with that I keep it close by.  So let me tell you about this these; The RR-1 'Original' is a white hoof wall rounding tool that uses a perforated stainless steel 'shaving' blade to trim away hoof walls.  The ergonomics is beautifully crafted into the tool; the palm sized hard plastic handle has finger grooves making it super easy to get a secure grip and measures 2 x 2 x 4 1/2"; the perfect size to easily hold in your hand.  This unique tool is designed to shape and smooth the contour of a hoof to create that perfect Mustang Roll. While this item can be used alone we feel it works best after application of the RR-2 Pro Black Radius rasp which is used in cases where you need a courser blade to remove rough, harder or larger amounts of wall horn.

What's the difference between the Radius Rasp original (RR1) and Pro (RR-2)

In simplest form:

  • the RR-1 White Radius Rasp  (RR-1) works like a cheese grater and slices thin layers off as you slide it over the hoof.  It's sharp and very easy to use, you just slide it back and forth.  It's perfect to remove small flares and round the hoof wall to give it that finished look.
  • The RR-2 Pro Black Radius Rasp uses the same principle as the white one, only it uses a sharp replaceable stainless steel rasp tooth blade to remove more material quicker.   It is similar to a normal farrier rasp, only shaped perfectly to round the hoof wall easily.

Not only is the Radius Rasp easy to use, but it attaches to any steel surface by use of a magnet that is hidden in the handle.


The Radius Rasp is excellent for regular maintenance of Mustang Roll to keep hoof boots fitting between trims.

Product Features:

  • Durable plastic handle with powerful magnet
  • Perforated stainless steel 'shaving' blade (replaceable) for the RR-1, and a Stainless Steel Rasp Tooth for the RR-2 Pro.

Creating a smooth rounded edge along the perimeter of the hoof wall is essential for maintaining durable hoof shape and the healthy function of the 'Mustang Roll.' The Radius Rasps have a concave form specially designed to remove wall horn in an arc. This action makes the task of rounding the wall edge easier, faster, and more precise than when using rasps that create flat surfaces. Because it can be used one-handed, the other hand is freed to hold and steady the hoof while rasping. Hoof care professionals and horse owners alike will find this tool indispensable. As previously mentioned, there are two types of Radius Rasp: the rasp-toothed black-handled RR-2 for beginning the rounding of the hoof wall and the white handled RR-1 with a perforated smooth-shaving blade for making a fine, uniform finish. Both versions have finger grooves that provide you with a firm, comfortable grip.  These tools work best using many quick, light pressure strokes. Both Radius Rasps have powerful magnets in the handle to attach them to your hoof stand, horse trailer, or other steel surface and both have replaceable stainless steel blades that will not rust.

Why two Radius Rasps?

Using the two Radius Rasps in sequence gives the best results in forming the Mustang Roll around the hoof wall. The pointed teeth of the black handled RR-2 are more effective in removing the harder, more uneven surface on an un-trimmed hoof wall, The also quickly round the rough surface left by your beveling nipper cut around the outer wall edge. The shaving action of the white handled RR-1 creates a smoother, more uniform finish to the surface of the 'roll'. These perforated teeth are more effective once the harder outer layer of horn has been removed. Thus the best results are attained by using the two Radius Rasps in sequence.