Evolutionary Horse Hoof Care EVO 12" Quick Farrier Nipper w/spring; designed for barefoot trim

Evolutionary Hoof Care
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QN-1 EVO Quick Nippers 12"

The EVO Quick Nippers are designed especially for barefoot trimming and are made to make barefoot trimming faster and easier. The ingenious use of a integrated spring system allows you to nip with one hand for small cuts by keeping pressure of the handles against the fingers and palm of your hand. The use of the spring allows the nippers to be opened further than other nipper spring systems so you can be more efficient after each cut; the spring will reopen the nippers allowing your to reposition them for another cut with using only one hand, freeing the other hand to guide the head of the nippers at the hoof while also holding the hoof. The design also works well for two handed operation for larger cuts requiring more strength.  One of the biggest benefits of these nippers is the design of the flared handles which allows you the option of using a narrower or wider grip to better conform to the shape and strength of your hands; this design gives you a more comfortable grip with greater leverage and control for both one and two handed operation.  The Quick Nippers, when used correctly, allows you to form the arc of the Mustang Roll more quickly.  By using self opening action of the spring you can easily and quickly make multiple bevel cuts around the outer edge of the hoof wall to form a mustang roll. The Mustang Roll method of trimming forms a wider, higher arc while preserving the thickness of sole horn to promote greater comfort for the horse when going barefoot. Every set of nippers comes with two springs, one for a softer action that helps you learn to use the nippers and a stronger spring for firmer action. The firm-action spring helps the nippers recoil faster from thick cuts of horn, speeding your trimming.  The nippers include a locking screw so you can ensure the nippers stay closed when stored to protect the nipper blades and you from injury.  The spring action, ability to use one handed for small cuts, and thin blades makes this set of nippers enables you to make precise adjustments to how much hoof wall you remove making it ideal for making Mustang Rolls.
Using these nippers and the radius rasp (sold separately in our eBay store) you can perform very fast maintenance trims. 
-Powerful integrated springs for fast one- or two-hand use
-12" length for ease of handling
-Unique flared handles for better fit in your hands; easy grip and greater leverage and control
-Closure screw for easy storage
-Thin, fast cutting, easy to sharpen blades
-Ideal for bevel cut on wall to create Mustang Roll
-Comes with a softer spring installed, firmer spring is also included.
We also sell the Radius Rasp which highly recommended to create the mustang roll.