Evolutionary Horse Hoof Care EVO Zip Knife - precision blade ideal for frog and bar

Evolutionary Hoof Care
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ZK-1 EVO Zip Knife


The EVO Zip Knife 

– The fastest knife to use and easiest to sharpen

-- shorter, straighter blade for more precise frog trimming

-- comfortable combo grip handles: closed hand or thumb bracing

-- thin blade taper for quick sharpening and smooth shaving

-- smaller hook for clearing frog grooves and sulcus

-- bolt-mounted blade for long term stability

-- full blade taper from spine to blade = thinnest, sharpest edges

-- cutting edge of blade extends back near the handle for maximum leverage

-- tough stainless steel – no rust

-- durable, contoured hardwood handles

-- specialized for bar and frog trimming, not for “scooping” heavy sole

>> Sharpening the Zip: Frequent honing keeps this blade razor sharp. Use a fine grit, tapered, conical diamond knife sharpener. 

>> CAUTION: The Zip Knife is RAZOR sharp—be careful! Protect your blade: do not use the Zip on dirt, grit, rocks, or hardened horn: these are not hoof picks.


>> Specialized for Frog, Bars, and White Line Trimming:
The Zip is specially designed for precise, controlled trimming of the frog and thin shaving on bars and white line. It is more like a scalpel than a carving blade. The extra-thin blade is not meant for scooping hard, heavy sole and bar horn. Use the EVO Bar and Sole Rasps clean away all dirt, rocks, and excess sole and bar horn before applying the Zip Knife.

We also sell the Radius Rasp which highly recommended to create the mustang roll.