Professional's Choice SMx Air Ride All Around Saddle Pad

Professional's Choice
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Professional's Choice
All Around Saddle Pad
Size: 30 x 32
(first number is the length front to rear in inches)

A great choice for rider's looking to put a little more padding between their saddle and horse; with a 3/4" heavy duty air ride core this pad is superb for everyday use. The All Around Saddle Pad uses a revolutionary SMx Air Ride core which is lightweight, breathable and highly shock-absorbent providing your loved horse the care that it deserves.  Your horse will love you for using a pad that provides accelerated heat dispersion and moisture evaporation.  Since your horse feels less heat and can cools off faster it helps to increase performance. Pads come with your choice of a fleece lining or felt bottom.

The Professional's Choice Air-Ride Suspension System is a technological breakthrough in western saddle pad design. The Professional's Choice Air-Ride's multi-cell configuration creates an actual air suspension system. Consisting of over 10,000 small air pockets, it is lighter in weight when compared to traditional western saddle pads. These pockets are designed in multiple layers and work simultaneously to prevent pressure in the most sensitive areas of your horse's back. It also offers maximum close contact making the Professional's Choice All Around Saddle suited for all disciplines.

SMx Air Ride All-Around Saddle Pads pads come with either a black felt bottom or a fleece lining