Professional's Choice SMx Western CINCH Waffle Neoprene

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Professional's Choice SMx Western Cinch

The Professional's Choice SMx Western Cinch is a superior cinch that sets the standard for the comfort of your horse. The shock-absorbing neoprene acts as a second skin -- always moving with your horse, not against it.  The waffle-patterned texture on the bottom is non-slip, so your saddle stays securely in place without requiring excessive tightening. The neoprene creates natural lubrication (sweat), eliminating galling and girth sores and won't harbor bacteria and because the leading edge is soft and pliable it also prevents the formation of sores in the elbow area.  The Professional's Choice heavy-duty, reinforced, stainless steel buckles and center D-rings are long lasting, durable and won't rust.  An extremely nice quality of the SMx Western Cinch is the incorporation of a stainless steel roller buckle which makes cinching up your saddle much easier for you and your horse. This Professional's Choice Western Cinch is easy to clean because you can separate the neoprene from webbing and wash separately.

Professional's Choice cinches are made with the highest quality materials and last longer due to the limestone-based neoprene, which won't crack or split after continued exposure to the elements.  Plus, the closed-cell neoprene does not absorb moisture or sweat, keeping the cinch lightweight and comfortable for your horse, so you can concentrate on performance.  It is truly the world's best cinch.


        •  Made with waffle-patterned neoprene -- Provides four-way stretch for comfort and support, easy
           to maintain, doesn't absorb sweat or harbour bacteria, doesn't require overtightening and
           creates natural lubricant to prevent galling
        •  Stainless Steel Roller Buckle -- Allows for easy and accurate cinching
        •  Hook & loop-attached neoprene -- Easy to remove for replacement or washing
        •  Heavy-duty nylon webbing -- For strength and durability
        •  Double-reinforced stitching -- Ensures hardware remains securely in place
        •  Stainless steel hardware -- Won't rust even with long-term use

        •  Easy to clean -- Peel neoprene from webbing and wash separately 

6 Month