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Top Rated Saddle Cushion

The Cashel Tush Cushion was rated as the number one pick for saddle cushions by John Lyons in his Perfect Horse publication review of seat pads and is a great product to help you feel more comfortable while in the saddle.  Cashel has performed careful engineering and uses special Cashel foam to put relief only where you need it. The Cashel Tush Cushion uses state of the art closed cell foam which will not compact or bunch like fleece, or absorb and hold heat like gel. The Tush Cushion's adjustable nylon straps hold it firmly in place. The longer version is ideal for larger saddles or folks who want the padding to go further back than the standard pad.  Some ask what size is needed (long or standard length) and it is personal preference, you could use either one for a 16 inch saddle or smaller.  For a 17 inch saddle we would recommend the long version (please read the details notes below on which areas each pad helps to protect).

1/2 inch thick design is just the right amount to give relief while not raising you out of your saddle and causing you to become off balance.   Color: Black

Why buy a Cashel Seat Cushion

Ride close contact in comfort*
Will not compact or bunch up like fleece seat savers
Does not absorb and hold heat like a gel pad
Adjustable nylon straps hold the cushion firmly in place and prevents sliding and shifting
More hidden than other pads, so others can't see it when in use. 
Rated Number 1 by John Lyons Perfect Horse publication

Cashel Tush Cushion Models


Tush Cushion Standard Protects pelvic area. 13” w x 10” l.

Tush Cushion Long Protects sciatic area, tailbone and hips. 13” w x 15” l.

Tush Cushion Luxury is not the best choice for most riders as it is a little bulkier and you lose the close contact feel.  This pad ideal and designed for the large framed rider who fills their saddle and experiences pressure points against the cantle.  This rider may appreciate this model because it's 1/2”  Cashel foam bottom and additional foam along the edges provides a  1” foam pad along cantle which helps pad those painful pressure points along the cantle. 15-1/2” w x 17” l.

*The Standard and Long versions provide a better close contact feel than the Luxury version.  The Luxury version's extra thickness has the drawback of less close contact feel.