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Cashel Stall Sore Boots


Horse in stalls seem to be prone to scrapes, bruises, and pressure sores on the foreleg, usually because they are down with a medical problem or are laying on hard ground.  These injuries often result in additional vet bills and downtime for the horse. At last, we have a solution to help prevent and heal stall sores.  The remarkable Cashel Stall Sore Boot’s neoprene exterior will fit nicely on your horse to give the protection they deserve, they do a great job of staying in place while being easy to take on and off.  The soft fleece lining will enable your horse to move comfortably while still preventing irritation.  This great product will help the healing process by protecting existing sores from further aggravation.  The open back of the boots will prevent binding while the leg is bent giving your horse additional comfort when laying down and with the adjustable straps you will be able to use the Cashel Stall Sore boots on a wide range of horses and leg sizes. Wash in cold water, air dry.
Two boots are included in each package.