Weaver Leather Prodigy Athletic Boots - Four Pack

The Weaver high-performance athletic boots are engineered with a Dynamic Sling System that provides superior support and protection to the suspensory tendons and ligaments. Their research and development teams went way above and beyond to ensure that both the wrap and sling were designed just right to ensure a perfect fit to the equine leg; this means your horse will get a great product. Weaver didn't just wing this, they enlisted a variety of industry professionals and a wide range of horses to perform hours and hours of testing to fine tune the design to ensure you received a superb product for your horse. Keeping the needs of performance horses in mind, the Weaver team built the Prodigy Athletic boots from the finest materials for maximum shock-absorption which is designed to help prevent injuries and extend the competitive careers of your weekend trail as well as your competitive horses. The Prodigy Athletic Boots features a form-fitting, shock-absorbing EVA foam design with neoprene liner and a stretchy binding for a snug fit that combined with darted edges helps keep legs free from dirt. Their superior ergonomic design allows this performance boots to move freely, providing your equine partner with the ultimate protection from injury. 


Sizing; measure around your horse’s fetlock to determine the correct size.  The circumference given below is the maximum size to properly fit your horse.

Small - Fetlock circumference: 10" max; Boot height: 9".

Medium - Fetlock circumference: 11" max; Boot height: 10".

Large - Fetlock circumference: 12" max; Boot height: 11".


As an example, if your horse measured 10.5” around the fetlock then you would need a size medium because you exceed the max size of the small and fit under the max size of the medium.

Weaver Leather Prodigy Athletic Boots - Four Pack
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