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Prof Choice Ventech Elite Value 4 Pack Boots

Prof Choice Ventech Elite Value 4 Pack Boots

A top of the line elite boot designed with Ventech material to allow heat and moisture to escape.  One of the best products availble in the Sports Medicine Boot product line designed to protect your horse's leg from injury from impact caused by the weight of horse and rider as well as to protect the legs from external blows typical of trail or endurance riding.

Sports Medicine Boots are one of the best things you can buy for your horse to help prevent inury.  These outstanding products absorb an average of 26% of energy, and up to as much as 45% of energy from hoof impact.  In additions, these extraordinary boots not only look great on your horse but also prevent hyperextension of the fetlock.  If you are using Standard polo wraps and adhesive bandages right now, you may want to change as your current wraps are only providing you with 6-10% average energy absorption.

Professional's Choice medical research found that during a workout a horse will naturally shift their weight to different feet as they get tired.  However, when wearing the SMBs the horse tested in this study immediately shifted their weight to those legs wearing the boots.  Accept no copy cat; Professional’s Choice is the only company to have rigorously tested protective equine boots with certified veterinarians in a laboratory setting.