Is a hoof stand and a Hoofjack the same thing?  Be sure to buy the right item.

Is a hoof stand and a Hoofjack the same thing? Be sure to buy the right item.

Every once in a while you buy one of those products that is so great that you wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.  Every once in a while you buy a product that is so great that if it were ever lost, you’d replace it immediately.  Well, we feel the Equine Innovations Hoofjack is one of those products and after years of selling them our customers have told us countless times that they agree.

The term Hoofjack is a trademarked name and is an actual product…it is so popular that the name has now been incorrectly and accidently used to mean a hoof stand by many who may talk about it online.  A Hoofjack is a type of hoof stand and is one of the best hoof stands on the market.  If you are looking for a Hoofjack and are unsure what it is, be sure you are buying the real thing and are not accidently buying a copycat or other type of hoof stand who is using the term Hoofjack to mean hoof stand.

The authentic Hoofjack set the bar for top end hoof stands and as such, like any great products, other people have tried to copy it or compare their product to it... but their copycat is not the same.  To date, in our opinion, there is no better stand than an authentic Hoofjack which has it's design protected by patents. is an authorized dealer for Hoofjack hoof stands and sells all models and colors of the true and authentic Hoofjack. Not only are our prices the lowest authorized, but we also offer free shipping to the lower 48 of the United States. We also offer this great product at reasonable shipping rates for international customers.


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