High Country Plastics 6 AQHA Pole Bending Bases Poles

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High Country Plastics Pole Bending Base Set available in several packages

You have several options you can pick from to get the setup you desire.  You can buy a set of six (6) High Country Plastics Bases alone and provide your own poles, or you can buy a set of six (6) High Country Plastics poles for existing bases, or you can buy the combo set that includes the bases and poles and finally you can buy the ultimate combo set which includes bases, poles and storage bags.  All items are High Quality High Country Plastics products.

High Country Plastics BASES ONLY option:

Polebending Base Set is great for practice or for competition. Approved by AQHA and guaranteed for 3 years. Unbreakable. Bases are hollow and are intended to be filled with sand for proper weighting. 1 1/2" x 72" PVC Pipe can be used for poles and can be purchased at local hardware store. 6 bases per set. (Poles sold separately or supply your own poles by using 1 1/2" PVC cut to 72" which can be purchased from your local hardware store).  Sand not included but can also be purchased at local hardware store. 

High Country Plastics POLES ONLY option:

High Country Plastics has redesigned their poles and made them even better!  This poles only option allows you to buy poles for your existing pole bending bases  and these poles are safe as well as colorful. The poles are threaded so they can be reduced in size for transport yet provide a solid pole when together so there is no worry of them coming apart if a horse hits them. Kit includes set of six 1 1/2" x 72" rotational molded high density plastic poles in standard competition width in Red, White and Blue color scheme.
(Bases sold separately).

COMBO SET option: High Country Plastics BASES WITH POLES:

High Country Plastics Combo package provides you both the Base and Poles mentioned above. (storage bags not included)

Ultimate Package option: High Country Plastics BASES,  POLES, plus Base & Pole Storage Bags:

This High Country Plastics Combo package is the ultimate kit and provide every option available by giving you 6 Pole Bending Bases, 6 Red, White and Blue Poles, one Base Storage Bag, and one Pole Storage Bag.  The Bases and Poles are the same models as described above. The Nylon Pole Bending Base Storage Bag. Holds six bases and is strong enough to support their weight even when full of sand. Shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. Draw string system allows for the bag to be sealed. The Nylon Pole Bending Base Storage Bag holds six poles when the poles are broken down into three pieces. Draw string system allows for the bag to be sealed.