John Lyons Full Cheek Western Horse Snaffle bit Stainless

John Lyons
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John Lyons Full Cheek Snaffle Bit.

The John Lyons Full Cheek Snaffle bit is the most important line of communication to your horse and this model is one of the mildest bits availalbe from John Lyons and is used to promote more direct head control by design.

John Lyons teaches that to make and keep your horse light, you will want to use the mildest bit as possible. When training a horse, this bit is gentle, and does not pull through at the corner of a horse’s mouth, but rather equalizes the pressure. With the repetition of exercises in training, the mouth does not become sore and the snaffle allows for flexion so your horse will be more willing to learn.

The full cheek snaffle will be the only bit you need for your horse while using John's methods. The bit is 5” and is made from stainless steel.