Cashel Trail Saddle With Horn - Axis Tree - by Martin Saddlery

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Trail Saddle
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Cashel Trail Saddle With Horn - made on the Axis Tree

The Cashel Trail Saddle with Horn is made from an extraordinary Axis Tree.  The Trail Saddle comes in a streamlined design and with the soft, supple leather construction this saddle offers the ultimate in endurance saddle quality.  This saddle is was designed to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing quality build so it will be lightweight and built to endure.  You can expect unparalleled comfort and support on the long rides.  It features a double padded seat for advanced riding comfort and uses a round skirt to minimize weight and interference with your horse.  This high tech saddle is built on the Axis tree for a great fit and full, even contact between you and your horse.  The Axist tree is the heart of this saddle and is key to its performance.  The AXIS tree is designed to allow your horse to move and perform as nature intended. Bars are designed to provide full and even contact to the horse’s back while the tips flare up and away from the horse’s shoulder, eliminating any interference of natural movement.  Equiped with long, clip and dee strings and aluminium bell stirrups with rubber tread.  The use of alumininum stirrups keeps the weight down and the strength up and also allows for features such as the use of shock absorbing rubber tread which helps you keep a sturdy foothold while minimizing strain on the rider’s joints. Standard 3-position D-rig allows you to choose a cinch placement that best suits your horse’s conformation. Weight: 24-1/2 lbs. Chocolate Hermann Oak leather.  It’s just a fantastic all-around saddle.

Rich, supple leather
Clip and dee leather strings
Thick fleece lining
Aluminum stirrups
Subtle, beautiful tooling
3-position D-rig allows choice of cinch placement

Item Specifications:
Swell width: 12.5”
Gullet width: 6 1/2” 
Cantle height: 4”
Horn: 3” neck, 2 1/4” cap.
Approximately 24 1/2 lbs.

Color: Chocolate Hermann Oak Leather

Hand made in the USA



AXIS Saddle Trees - Since 1998, Martin Saddlery has been working to achieve a better fit for the horse. The AXIS™ tree by Martin is designed and constructed in-house. By having the ability to produce saddle trees in-house, Martin can control the entire process from start to finish. The new AXIS™ saddle tree is a result of Martin’s on going efforts to improve saddle quality and performance.

Martin Saddlery understands the intense athletic maneuvers required of a performance horse and the negative effects an ill-fitting saddle can have on their performance. That is why Martin has dedicated years of research and development towards designing saddle trees that fit today’s athletic horses without hindering their natural range of motion. Through precise angles of alignment, flared bar tips and stirrup fender cut outs, Martin’s AXIS™ saddle trees help horses perform to their top potential.

Martin Saddlery has worked with top professionals and trainers in all disciplines of western riding including Sherri Cervi, Kory Koontz, Clinton Anderson, Matt Gaines, Terra Bynum, Don Murphy and many more.

“Our goal to better fit the horse is ongoing. We breed better horses today than we did 20 years ago and through genetics we will continue to breed for increased athleticism and performance. In doing so, the conformation of our horses is forever evolving. At Martin Saddlery, we continue to dedicate time and resources researching ways to improve saddle tree design to better accommodate today’s equine athletes. We are truly excited with the improvements we have made. After all, the saddle is really only as good as the tree upon which it is built” – Brian Peterson, Martin Saddlery.

What makes the Martin AXIS saddle tree so special?

The front of the bars are trimmed to flared up and away from the horse’s shoulders. The axis tree is designed to allow full range of motion of the horse’s shoulder, without inhibiting or interfering gait or performance.

Only the finest South Dakota White Pine is hand selected, cut and graded for quality before construction begins. Once the tree is built, it is fiberglass coated and sealed to completely encase the wood and protect it from warping or changing shape. This sealing process makes it virtually ageless and 100% moisture proof from outside weather, as well as sealing in proper moisture levels within the wood.

Double stirrup leather cut out allows the stirrup fender leather to lay flush against the top and bottom of the bar. The unique cut out feature eliminates the stirrup leather from causing uneven pressure points under the saddle, therefore providing a flat and even fit against the horse’s back.

Bars are designed to sit down on the horse’s back to provide full and even contact that evenly disburses the riders weight over the entire surface of the bars.

With noticeable smoothness and flared edges that work with the horse, the AXIS tree allows for a full range of motion without abrupt pressure points against the long muscle in the horse’s back & loin.

The fiberglass ground seat is especially unique to the AXIS tree. It adds 1000lbs of strength and gives Martin the ability to construct the ground seat specific to each discipline. A refined and consistent ground seat gives the rider confidence and a secure advantage that they will be set in the best position to perform.

The AXIS saddle tree is designed and constructed at the Martin Saddlery Saddle Shop in Greenville, TX, where every step is under constant quality control. With this process, Martin controls the tree’s integrity from start to finish guaranteeing its superior strength, symmetrical fit and unmatched quality.