Cashel Soft Saddle G2 - Treeless Foam Pad Design

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Cashel Soft Saddle G2 - weighs approximately 6 pounds for effortless saddling!

The new Cashel Soft Saddle is now improved with a new version called the 'G2' and is available alone or combined with the optional liner or pad.  The new Cashel Soft Saddle G2 is great for the trail and for everyday exercising of your horse and those who hate trying to lift a heavy saddle onto their horse will love that the Cashel Soft Saddle only weighs 6 lbs!  The Soft Saddle G2's sleek design and high quality construction make this saddle a great utility saddle to own.  The Soft Saddle G2 is made of Cashel foam and is treeless so it is flexible and easily moves with your horse. Additional features of the Cashel Soft Saddle G2 include adjustable and removable stirrups, has a wither handle strap for added rider security, and comes with convenient back dee rings.  The Soft Saddle G2 is a nice compromise between a bareback pad and a saddle; as such the use of a mounting block such as 3 Step Mounting Block by High Country Plastics makes mounting easier.


Key points of this saddle's features:

  • Top Portion (saddle seat) is made of a solid piece to help weight distribution and is covered in a water repellant micro fiber suede material.
  • Saddle uses a molded pommel and seat cantle.  Padded foam for extra comfort.
  • Saddle has a fleece bottom underside.
  • fenders are made of a padded suede material and have a knee roll (knee roll provides the rider a more secure ride)
  • Saddle is designed with western riggin
  • Stirrups are removeable to use as a bareback pad

Cashel was founded in 1986 with the goal of relieving the backs of English performance horses with a revolutionary therapeutic saddle pad. Throughout the years, Cashel continued to expand and strived to meet the needs of all horse riders, owners, and competitors

Soft saddle is the gullet area expands.

Seat Size:

Medium - recommended for 111-144 lb. person, Mid Pommel to cantle measures 14". Extreme front to rear of saddle (swell to cantle) measures 18”. 
Large - recommended for 145-175 lb. person, Mid Pommel to cantle measures 15.25". Extreme front to rear of saddle (swell to cantle) measures 19.5”.  
X-Large - recommended for up to a 215 lb. person, Mid Pommel to cantle measures 16.75". Extreme front to rear of saddle (swell to cantle) measures 21”.  



The optional Soft Saddle G2 Liner is made from 1/4"  needle punch felt and is designed to use under the Soft Saddle G2 to help keep your soft saddle clean and dry. The split-back opening contours to your horse's back and enables airflow.  Comes in Black. 


The optional (but recommended) Soft Saddle Pad is 3/4" thick with a contoured discreet design.  Top made of a canvas material with a dense felt interior and fleece bottom.  This pad is meant to be used under the popular Soft Saddle; it helps extend the life of your soft saddle, helps wick away sweat and is soft against your horse's back.  It also helps reduce slippage of the saddle on the horse.  We recommend using a saddle pad (any saddle pad) but this one is shaped to work with the soft saddle and made specifically for it. Comes in Black.