Professional's Choice Roper ELITE Western Saddle Pad

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Professional's Choice Roper Elite Western Saddle Pad

 Size: 31 x 32
(first number is the length front to rear in inches)

Professional's Choice has engineered an ideal working pad for everyday use, the Roper Elite.  The Professional's choice Roper Elite Western Saddle Pad is contoured to fit the horse's back and made of heavy duty materials for long lasting wear. The Professional's Choice Roper Elite Pad is a premium pad combining the revolutionary Air-Ride Suspension System with felt and foam rubber to create an all-in-one performance pad. The Roper Elite pad is expertly designed with two layers of air cells and an UltraShock foam core which absorbs shock and distributes weight evenly across the horse's back. The closed-cell foam bottom of the Roper Elite pad absorbs shock, not sweat, making it easier to keep clean while also keeping the weight down.  To get the best fit, the Professional's Choice Roper Elite pad contours over the spine and is cut out at the withers and under the saddle fenders to enhance it's fit with the horse to maximize the horse's performance ability. 


  • Air-Ride suspension system
    (Absorbs shock, distributes weight evenly across horse's back)
  • Alleviates pressure to the spine
  • 3/4 inch Foam Bottom - Absorbs shock, not sweat
  • Lockdown system - Eliminates slipping
  • Cut-out at withers - Maintains proper placement



one year warranty