Professional's Choice Barrel Elite Western Saddle Pad

Professional's Choice
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Professional's Choice Barrel Elite Western Saddle Pad

Size: 29 x 30
(first number is the length front to rear in inches)

The Professional's Choice Barrel Elite Pad is an extraordinary performance pad designed for the barrel racer.  The Professional's Choice Barrel Elite Pad combines the Air-Ride Core Suspension System with both felt and foam rubber to create an all-in-one pad to provide the barrel racer a performance advantage.  The Barrel Elite Pad features two layers of air cells and an UltraShock foam core which is engineered to absorb the tremendous shock placed on the horses back by barrel racers during practice and competition.  The pad's design not only reduces shock but also distributes the rider and saddle's weight evenly across the horse's back to reduce pressure points, injury, and soreness which rob your horse's performance.  The closed-cell foam of the performance pad absorbs shock, not sweat helping to keep your equipment clean and reducing weight build up.  This premium barrel racing performance pad contours over the spine and cuts out at the withers and beneath the latigo to provide your prized horse an overall perfect fit while maintaining proper placement of the pad. 

Barrel Elite Pad Features include:

  • Air-Ride suspension system
    (Absorbs shock, distributes weight evenly across horse's back)
  •  Alleviates pressure to the spine
  • 3/4 inch Foam - Absorbs shock, not sweat
  •  Lockdown system - Eliminates slipping
  • Cut-out at withers - Maintains proper placement



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