Barona Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad - Professional's Choice

Professional's Choice
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Professional's Choice Barona Saddle Pad 

The Professional's Choice Barona Comfort Fit Heavy Duty Air Ride Western Saddle Pad is an outstanding pad and suited for a wide range uses including trail riding, show, roping, and every day use.  Unlike other's the Professional's Choice pads are engineered and developed from the horse’s back up using high tech equipment to measure the pressure points in a way to optimize the design.  This pad is a key example of that painstaking effort.  Not only is the air core system a key part but the Comfort-Fit design of the SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad enables the pad to lay with your horse.  It's contoured shape will follow the curve of your prized horse's spine to maximize comfort which will enable peak performance. As a result of it's shape, this pad locks in place allowing full movement. The SMx Air Ride core is made of a unique material that absorbs shock while allowing air flow through a natural cooling system.

The Professional’s Choice Barona Pad uses the new and improved SMx Air Ride Core; a brand new core that provides 12% more energy absorption and 5% greater pliability, making it more comfortable than ever! This revolutionary pad works to protect your horse’s back by absorbing negative energy and dispersing it over the entire pad, preventing uncomfortable pressure points. In addition, this latest version of Air Ride technology now allows up to 50% more 3-D airflow to keep your horse cool, slowing the rate of fatigue. The Air Core material used in this pad is known for its superior ability and is the Same technology used in helmets, athletic padding, sport fields, playgrounds, footwear, automobile seating and more.

Size 33"x38"
comes in choice of felt or merino wool underside.


One Year