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If you are around horses then you know accidents happen and the best way to protect yourself and those that you love is to wear a quality SEI Certified Troxel Helmet that fits properly.  We've included several pictures (scroll through pictures area) to show you how to pick the correct size.  This listing is offering a high quality equine helmet that is key to your protection:

Model: Cheyenne (low profile)
Color: SouthWest
Size: Medium (22"-22 3/4" which is typically hat size 7 - 7 1/4) See pictures for measuring guide.
Fitting Technology: Sure Fit Pro and Flip Fold
ASTM/SEI Certified

This is the Troxel Helmet I personally use and absolutely love it!  It's a top selling top of the line western helmet that was inspired from feedback from thousands of Western riders.  The Troxel Cheyenne is the third and most advanced generation of the original pure Western helmet.  It's been completely re-engineered for maximum cooling, lighter weight, and exceptional custom fit. The Troxel Helmet is a top seller for trail riders and is engineered to withstand the toughest terrain; the leather covering looks good while protecting the shell from scratches. The comfortable, self-adjusting SureFit™ Pro system and Air-Channel ™ headliner perform flawlessly to provide all day comfort on the trail or in the arena.

Key features include:

- Low Profile, sleek look
- Handmade Rugged leather finish
- Six mesh-covered vents
- SureFit™ Pro fit system
- FlipFold™ removable washable headliner with Air-Channel™ technology
- ASTM/SEI-certified

Additional Information on the features of this helmet:

SureFit™ Pro

The all-new SureFit™ Pro incorporates elastic straps that self adjust to the size and shape of the riders head. WIth ultra-plush padding, the SureFit™ Pro provides an unmatched level of comfort and stability.


The FlipFold Fit System provides an adjustable inner liner that can be made thinner or thicker to accommodate various head shapes and hairstyles. Adjustment is made by simply folding over the integrated tabs.

How to pick the correct size:

Please view and study the pictures we've placed in this listing's picture area as they will help you pick the correct size helmet.  To measure, place the tape measuresnugly around your head at the widest point, about one inch above your eyebrows. Make sure the tape goes over the bump at the back of your head and that it is just above the top of your ears

Safety Certifications:

Troxel Helmets are SEI/ASTM Certified: The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), is an organization that certifies protective equipment for a variety of industries. ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is one of the world’s most respected standards organizations, setting standards for everything from curing of concrete to hotness of red peppers to protective headgear. For equestrian helmets, SEI has selected the ASTM standard F1163 to evaluate helmet performance. SEI requires testing at an independent lab to the F1163 ASTM standard. All Troxel helmets are SEI / ASTM certified. 


Certain sports use different standards, for example Polo and Bull Riding. Standardbred Racing requires helmets made to the Snell Standard.

ASTM/SEI helmets contain their date of manufacture and the SEI seal under the headliner inside the helmet. You may also visit the SEI website to view a listing of SEI certified helmets.

Troxel recommends replacing your equestrian helmet every five years, or whenever the helmet takes a hard blow. Equestrian helmets are made for one impact only. Even if you don’t see any damage, the area of the helmet where impact occurred could have been compromised.

Accident Replacement:

We are an authorized Troxel Dealer so your warranty is protected

Helmets involved in an accident may be replaced for a fee by contacting the manufacturer (Troxel) within two years from the helmet date of purchase.  To qualify, Product Registration Form" must have been completed and/or the original or a copy of the purchase receipt (your payment invoice) must be retained in order to show proof of purchase date is within two years. Damage to the helmet due to misuse or dropping the helmet is not covered by the Accident Replacement Program. 

Full manufacturer warranty