Cashel Medium Rear Western Saddle Bag

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Cashel Medium Rear Saddle Bag

Cashel has developed one of the best and most durable saddle bags on the market and is a leading manufacturer of high quality equine products; their saddle bags are no exception.  This is not one of those cheap units that will fall apart, the design of this bag is top quality.  Cashel's Medium Rear Saddle bag has a contoured shape to enable it to fit close against the cantle giving it a more secure fit and better looking integration with your tack.  This secure fitting medium saddle bag has a secure fit and includes two compartments with removable and washable liner inserts. The saddle bag also features outer padded pockets on both sides and a small pocket enabling those phones that fit into that pocket easy access. Made of lightweight, water resistant 600-denier rip-stop nylon.
 Dimensions: 9.5" w x 9” h x 4” d