Professional's Choice Miracle Knee Support

Professional's Choice
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Professional's Choice Miracle Knee Support.


With the Professional's Choice Knee support you can ride again while minimizing knee pain thanks to their revolutionary Miracle Knee Support. In fact, the Professional's Choice Miracle Knee Support is great for any athletic event because it allows complete mobility at all levels of activity while reducing the effects of arthritis, damaged cartilage, sprains, or strains. Flexible medial and lateral stays provide side-to-side support and ligament stability. The Professional's Choice Knee Support, due to its design it enables moist heat therapy while in use to help increase blood circulation while relaxing tight or sore muscles.

Made of high quality neoprene, the unique Professional's Choice knee wrap design makes application easy and gives a perfect fit at the thigh and calf. The irritating pinching, binding and rubbing common to slip-on knee supports is eliminated due to the open back design. Worn over or under clothing, the Miracle Knee Support enables you to comfortably return to work or play.