Thumper Versa Pro Professional Deep Muscle Massager

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Thumper Versa Pro Professional Massager
Professional-Strength Lower Body Massager

The Versa Pro is the best total body massager made! For your legs and hips, your back, your hands and arms, and your feet. It has 13 different massage settings, a remote control and 7 auto programs. There is not a massager like this anywhere. People love it because they do not need to hold the machine. The foundation of the Thumper family.

Strong, Fast, Deep-Down Relief from Lower- Body Muscular Tension From the famous family of Thumper Professional Strength Massagers, Versa Pro is a whole new way to release muscular tension and invigorate your tired, aching body. 

Versa Pro Does All The Work For You You just sit back and relax. Just rest your feet, calves, thighs or lower back against the Versa Pro and let the healing begin.

Choose any one of 13 different massage settings. Self-leveling steel suspension automatically adjusts to different body parts for maximum penetration and relief.

Patented Thumper Action Not a vibrator, Versa Pro works with the same patented pulsed acu-pressure action as the original Thumper, the massager favored by over 200,000 Chiropractors and Massage Therapists world-wide.

10 Times the Output of Ordinary Massagers
Versa Pro is the massager with muscle.

184 acu-pressure nodes are powered by direct-drive percussion and adjustable from 16 to 30 pulses per second. Works through shoes and clothing. You feel the healing massage of Versa Pro deep down throughout your body, not just on the skin surface.

A Deep Tissue Massage With No Work. Thumper Versa Pro Massager. Let The Healing Begin.


  • Power on/off
  • Auto program selector
  • 7 auto program led indicators
  • Power level controls
  • 6 power level LED indicators
  • 184 acu-pressure massage nodes
  • Carrying handle
  • All steel inner construction with plastic encasement
  • Auto leveling steel suspension
  • Rubber non slip base
  • Special feature switch
  • 13 choices of massage settings (7 auto programs plus 6 manual).
  • Self-leveling suspension automatically adjusts to different body parts.
  • Advanced digital controller with speed feedback logic plus protection from overheating or stalled motor conditions.
  • Choice of dual controls - base or hand held remote.
  • Base controller made of durable polycarbonate with 4 tactile switches plus 13 LED speed and massage profile indicators.
  • Remote control has 5 button interface, including special 'remote only' feature plus rj15 low voltage retractable cord.
  • Easy-to-clean durable vinyl massage pads.
  • Works through shoes and clothing.
  • 12' power cord (3.7m) with tie.
  • Dynamically balanced, smooth, quiet operation.

[DVD Included] Educational DVD Included With All Thumper Models.