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Professional's Choice has created a new horse therapy ice boot that customers are going to love.  The new ice boot has a neoprene outer shell that keeps the interior gel ice pockets frozen.  Like a wetsuit keeps the cold away from a diver, the neoprene keeps the cold insulated against the horse so the ice therapy sessions can last longer if desired.  While the exterior of the ice boots use a insulating neoprene, the inside is designed to protect your horse by using a smooth nylon interior lining which helps to protect your horse's legs tissue damage by keeping the ice packs off the tissue so the skin does not directly touch the ice packs.  This lining also helps to keep the boots cleaner and prevents dirt, stall shavings, and other substances from sticking to the boots. Professional's Choice realized the need and includes extended hook straps on the boots so it will be easier to use for a wide range of horses who may need ice therapy.  Each package includes a carry mesh bag and two ice boots. To prepare boots for use, simply place them in the freezer until frozen and then put them in a ice chest until you are ready to put them on the horse.

These ice boots are reusable. When you are done, simply place your ice boots packs back in the freezer until frozen.

You do not want to need ice boots... if you need ice boots you need them now and you will not have time to go find them.  We highly recommend that you keep ice boots on hand as part of your first aid preparations.  For example, if you experience an issue with your horse (injury, feed overload) the time you have to provide the best chances of recovery is before your horse shows signs of pain.  In other words, pre-emptive treatment and the use of Cryotherapy (ice boots) may be one of the best things you can do.  You should consult and work with your local veterinarian but having ice boots readily available may make a huge difference in the recovery of your horse.

Standard Size: 3 x 5 pockets with boots measuring 13 3⁄4” tall x 15” wide.  If you have a large horse and need a larger version take a look at the Professional's Choice Equine Ice Boots with frozen gel pockets - Large Size

“I really like the Ice Boot that Professional’s Choice has come out with. We keep at least 2 pairs on hand every day for a horse that may show any signs of swelling or fatigue in a leg. There is no better preventative than ice and these boots are so easy to use. They stay on and stay cold, no cords, no cables — they’re just easy!” - Bob Avila, Professional’s Choice Rider




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