Arab / Small Qtr Horse Quiet Ride Premium Fly Mask with EARS - Cashel

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Quiet Ride Fly Mask Standard with EARS - Cashel

At last you can protect your horse from those pesky and annoying flies while riding with this premium version that comes with the optional ears integrated into the fly mask to protect the eyes and ears! Nothing disrupts a nice ride faster than your horse shaking its head and thinking about the irritants flying around instead of listening to your riding ques. With the same design and quality as the Crusader Pasture Fly Mask, the Quiet-Ride Fly Mask will protect your horse while you ride and help you ride more relaxed, enjoying your ride since you will not be constantly swatting flies off your horse's head. The sheer mesh of this outstanding product gives your horse a clear line of vision and does not impair his sight on the trail. The Quiet-Ride easily and quickly attaches over the bridle and is lightweight, comfortable and nonrestrictive. It gives you confidence that your horse is protected by reducing insect-driven head tossing and giving you a much quieter, safer ride.

This product in conjunction with the Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armor - Fly protection while riding Western or English will make your outing's much more enjoyable.



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