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Geriatric Hoofjack Hoof Stand - sized very small for the the older or injured horse who can't lift their leg due to limited range of motion.  This is a specialty item for horses suffering limited range of motion that require a smaller model hoofjack so the horse doesn't have to lift their leg as high; if your horse does not have an injury or geriatric types of problems then you should be looking at the medium or standard sized Hoofjack instead of this model.

As a user of this product I can tell you that this is by far one of the best products we carry and believe it is a must have farrier tool for both farriers and horse owners alike who work with older or inured horses. The term Hoofjack is so popular its name has become synonymous with the term "farrier stand" and many people now use the term generically in place "farrier stand".   So don't be fooled by someone using the term incorrectly, it's actually a brand and best equine hoof stand available.  Also, don't be fooled by other stands which try to copy the looks, they are not the same.  The authentic Hoofjack is patented with a unique design engineered to be light, durable, and functional to make your job easier.

So let's talk more about this equine hoof stand.  The Geriatric Hoofjack takes the strain off your back by providing the horse with a stable platform to lean against; that way they stay balanced and comfortable which in turn makes working around them easier and safer for you and your horse.  But just making the horse comfortable so it will stand still is not the entire goal, you need a tool that is easy to move, yet strong, and what you really want is a tool that can hold the weight, not bounce the hoof when setting a nail, and one that is engineered to remove or reduce all the headaches most farriers and horse owners have with existing stands... you need a hoof stand that works with you, not against you.  We feel the Hoofjack provides this better than any other hoof stand which is why we personally use this item ourselves.

While there are many models to choose from (and we stock them all in our store), the geriatric model is the best choice for those who work with horse's who due to age, medical condition, or injury have a reduced and limited range of motion who are unable to lift their leg to the normal levels for hoof care.

This is a premium specialty hoofjack; it is known as the Geriatric Hoofjack and is intended for horses who just can't raise their hoof high enough for the normal sized hoof stand without causing pain to the horse.  By using this stand on these challenging horses you can keep them comfortable by working at a lower height; making it possible to work on the hoof without causing additional pain for the horse.

Product Details:

The post and cradle of the Geriatric Hoofjack will accommodate a pony up to a small draft or draft cross (hooves up to a size 7). The Geriatric Hoofjack consists of one mini sized base with two magnets, one Geriatric cradle, and one Geriatric straight post with rubber cap. The Geriatric Hoofjack also includes a free 40 minute Hoofjack instructional video.

The Geriatric base is made of extremely tough yet light weight linear polyethylene and is 7 inch in height and with a base diameter of 13 inches. The attachments can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate the needs of the horse.  The base material comes with a three year warranty against horse breakage.   

Pull a shoe, trim, rasp, and nail on a new shoe without putting the hoof between your knees or support the horse with your body.

  • Take your mind off your back and knees and put it back into your work.
  • Supports the hoof for daily care, treatment, bandaging, and more...

Best Tool for the Farrier - Hoof Stand Features and Benefits 

The humane solution for the leaning horse.
Examine, Pull shoe, trim, rasp and nail on a new shoe.
Creates a safer workplace; reduces the risk of getting stuck with a nail.
Improve focus; takes your mind off your back and knees and improves your work focus.
Includes two extremely convenient magnet accessories for your hoof pick, nails, rasp, nippers, etc.
Increases speed by allowing the farrier to change work & hoof posture without having to drop the hoof.

Best Tool for Horse Owners - Hoof Stand Features and Benefits 

   Saves money; avoid stains on clothing from medications.
Reduces injury; reduced strain on back and knees while picking out hooves.
Better show preparations; apply polish while standing with the hoof elevated in a dirt free position using the straight post.
Reduces stress on horse; supports the hoof during treatment and bandaging procedures.
Two convenient magnet accessory holders for your hoof pick, bandage scissors, studs, wrenches, etc.

Best Tool for Veterinarians - Hoof Stand Features and Benefits

Increase examination quality and speed; supports the hoof through evaluation procedures.
Improve medical care; keeps the hoof off the ground and dirt free during treatment and bandaging.
Two convenient magnet accessory holders for your hoof pick, bandage scissors, rasp, hoof tester, nippers, etc.
Speeds up treatment process; supports the hoof during treatment and bandaging procedures.
Support the horses' head with the optional Dental/Headstand Hoofjack attachment for dental and facial procedures.
Disassembles for easy transport.


This is the best farrier stand we've ever used.  Accept no copycat, get the original!



The base material comes with a three year warranty against horse breakage