EVO Complete Hoof Care Work Station — Deluxe (height 15-26”)

Evolutionary Hoof Care
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The Evo Complete Hoof Care Work Station -- Deluxe; a Revolutionary New Multi-Function Hoof Support System

The Deluxe version has all great features of the EVO HS-1 Hoof Stand plus it includes the all aluminum 14 position Tool Caddy that dismounts to function as an independent Tool Box with telescoping handle.

The Evo Hoof Stand has a flip-up hoof cradle that doubles as a handle, allowing you to easily carry it with one hand. This flip-up cradle is always at the ready; the cradle instantly flips up or down as you transition from working the outside of the hoof on the grip head to trimming the sole on the cradle. The narrow profile of this hoof cradle gives you control over the angle of the hoof on the cradle and it's low profile provides superior access to the hoof wall compared larger designs. It never interferes with your access to the hoof! Its solid support reduces the effort required to apply your tools effectively. When using your hoof knife or Sole Rasp on bars or sole, and rasping the bearing surface of the hoof wall flat, you can shift the hoof forward or backward across the cradle to focus the support where you need it. This solid support and open access also make rounding the hoof wall with the Radius Rasps (sold separately) much faster. The exceptional stability of this design allows you to use the hoof cradle on front hooves as well as hind ones. Its low-profile, three-leg base provides solid support on uneven ground.

Evo Hoof Stand Features:

  • Metal Design; Fully galvanized, rust-proof bright zinc finish on steel parts

  • Flip-up Hoof Cradle (no switching attachments!)

  • A built in Handle (one-hand carry)

  • Push/Pull Height Selector (no pin to pull or knob to turn!)

  • Removable legs for easy packing

  • Height range of 15” to 26”

  • Height adjustment in 1” increments

  • Spring-loaded inner stand shaft for quick elevation adjustment

  • 4-position Grip Head (fits on 4 ways to vary leg bracing positions)

  • Low profile channel steel legs for maximum stand stability



full manufacturer's warranty