Josh Lyons Sliding Stops & Rollbacks Horse Training DVD

Josh Lyons
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Josh Lyons Sliding Stops and Rollbacks Horse Training DVD.

This DVD is the fifth DVD of his teaching series.  In this DVD Josh teaches you the following topics:

  • Improving lightness
  • Teaching your horse the speed you want on demand
  • How to keep the front end in your slide
  • Energy in the stop - "Hurry up and stop"
  • Going forward/thinking back
  • Working the horse's emotions to creat a calm and safe partner
  • Understandng the snaffle bit and what it means to your horse
  • How to correct and talk to each corner of the horse in the stop and back up
  • Rollbacks: what they mean and what they are
Sold separately we also have the other sets available or you can buy them bundled together as a best buy package deal.