Josh Lyons Foal Handling training DVD

Josh Lyons
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Josh Lyons Foal handling is one of the best tools to get your new foal set up for success.  Be prepared and learn what to do with this outstanding DVD.

 Foal handling is the foundation that supports a horse for life. First of this teaching series, this video contains the following topics:

• Sacking Out vs. Desensitizing
• Making the round pen a safe and stress-free environment for your foal
• Preparing your foal to accept the halter and bridle
• Teaching your foal to yield to pressure from the halter and bridle
• Step by step guide to prepare your foal for the farrier
• Safe trailer loading and transporting of your foal

Josh has been conducting clinics and symposiums since the young age of sixteen. He has helped thousands of people to over come many problems and acquire training skills. Josh can help you develop the relationship with your horse you've always wanted!