John Lyons Trailer Loading and More 2 DVD Horse Training Set

John Lyons
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John Lyons Trailer Loading and More DVD is a one of the best products you can get to help those horse owners needing help with getting their horse respectful on the ground and able to load into a trailer. 


In this outstanding DVD, John Lyons, America's most trusted horseman will demonstrate and teach you how how to develop your horse to have great ground manners, which helps to establish a foundation and building block for developing a superb riding horse for the trail or performance.  In this superb DVD set by John Lyons, learn how to teach any horse to load and unload safely and calmly from a trailer no matter what their prior experiences with trailer loading have been. John Lyons horse training techniques are simply the best for you and your horse!

This is a 2 DVD set that will play worldwide.