John Lyons The Best Start For The Unbroke Horse 4 DVD Training Set

John Lyons
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John Lyons is one of the best horse trainers of all time, known worldwide as the world's most trusted horseman.  This John Lyons DVD collection features eight hours of demonstrations on three different unbroke horses as well as showing advanced work on finished horses. The information found on the John Lyons Best Start for the Unbrok horse DVD collectin is concise, easy especially easy to understand and follow for both novice and advanced riders.

Grounding Our Training
• Basic and Advanced Round Pen Work
• Halter and Bridle Training
• Catching and Stall Manners
• Working with Two Horses
• Spooking and Obstacles
• Dragging Objects
• Sacking Out and Saddling

First Ride and Beyond
• First Ride
• Introducing Leg Cues
• Riding Over Obstacles
• Hip and Shoulder Control
• Stopping, Backing and Side Passing

BONUS! Excellent tips to help your focus and getting your horse's attention!
Simply the best for you and your horse!
~John Lyons