John Lyons 2 Volume Spiral Ground Control Horse Training Manual

John Lyons
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John Lyons is known as America's most trusted horseman and he has produced a remarkable study guide for you and your horse.  The 2 volume Ground Control Manual is your starting point for horse training and provides detailed step-by-step instructions to make your horse more confident, respectful, and safe.  This manual is one of the best instructional manuals available and is suited for any horse.

These are hardback spiral bound manuals that weigh over 5 1/2 lbs!  That's a lot of material!

The John Lyons Ground Control Manual is the only publication of its kind and one remarkable study guide for you and your horse. The Ground Control Manual training topics are presented in great detail containing 30 of John’s most important ground lessons. The manuals are divided into two sections. Section 1 contains John’s important but essential training principles and philosophies. This background information is critical to your training understanding because the principles behind the teaching are what make any lesson successful. You will also find the first 10 training lessons in the first manual. In the second manual you will find the remainder of the training lessons. 

There are many pictures to illustrate the steps to each lesson. This will help you with the problem-solving process to teach and refine your horse’s performance. Each lesson has specific organization, and you will find a Teaching Preparation page that contains: an overview of the lesson, prerequisites that are recommended, an observable response that you should see at the end of the lesson, equipment that is needed, and additional important points. You will also find training cards for you to take to your training area for a convenient reference.

At the end of each lesson you will find a “What If ...” section. This will help with commonly asked questions or special situations that you may encounter. There is a Check Sheet to record your progress for the day. Lastly, each section has review questions about each lesson to help you to check your understanding.

This book and the principles contained inside can be used successfully over and over for any and every horse.

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