Dare Horse Wind Sucking Cribbing Control Collar by Schutz Brothers

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The Dare Cribbing Collar is the best cribbing collar we've ever used.  We have first hand experience with this product being used on a wind sucking / cribbing horse and nothing seemed to work until we got this collar.  When we came across this product AND properly adjusted it on the horse all l I can say is.... Best investment ever!!!   The Dare Cribbing Control Horse Collar is designed by professional horseman Rusty Dare, and now made available from Schutz Brothers and Professional's Choice.  Unlike other collars we've used which created sores on the horse's ears over time, this collar only needs one strap to keep collar in place and doesn't rub on the ears. The Dare cribbing collar can be positioned from either side of the horse and for your horse's comfort, and while is still needs to be adjusted correctly to work, it does not need to be tightened as much as other cribbing collars. The cribbing collar has a innovative and unique patented throat design which keeps the collar in place and puts a stop to even the worst cribbers! Non-rust, stainless steel roller buckles make this a very durable product.  We strongly endorse this product as the best cribbing collar on the market that we've discovered so far.

Another nice feature about this collar is that it will loosen when the horse drops its head to eat, which we feel is safer for the horse.  It is recommended to check the fit at the horse's normal cribbing position. Also, the fit of the collar should be checked and adjusted over time to endure the best results.

Available with and without the optional cover

  • Cribbing block is 3x5 1/2"wide, leather strap is 1 7/8" by 30", adjusts from 27" around to 39" around.  One size should fit all horses (additional holes and half holes can be punched for optimum fit)
  • Double buckle allows adjustment from both sides
  • Unique throat design keeps the collar in place without as much tension as other collars (still needs to be snug to work)
  • Made of durable fine quality harness leather and no rust stainless steel hardware

We do not recommend oiling the Dare Cribbing Control Collar because you do not want to soften the throat piece leather corners and diminish the effectiveness of anti-cribbing block.


We strongly recommend you select the video tab (videos tab is just below the pictures above) and watch the video clip on the Dare Collar to understand how it works and how it should be adjusted; if it's not adjusted properly and is too loose it does not work; if adjusted properly, we've found this to be the best cribbing collar on the market that we've encountered.

full manufacturers warranty