Corner Hay or Grain Feeder 24" Heavy Duty Plastic

High Country Plastics
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High Country Plastics makes this very nice corner feeder that can be used for hay or grain.  The size of this feeder works great for those horses who drop their grain while eating because as long as they have their head in the large feeder it just falls back into the feeder.  This Corner Feeder by High Country Plastics is a heavy-duty plastic feeder designed to be mounted in the corner and is constructed using FDA approved UV protected plastic; this feeder is both safe and extremely durable. 

This feeder is large at 34½" L x 19¾" W x 27½" H
Weight: 15 lbs as shown

High Country Plastics CORNER FEEDER

Dimensions - 34 1/2"L x 19 3/4"W x 27 1/2"H

  • FDA approved UV protected plastic construction
  • Sloped bottom
  • Designed to be mounted in a corner
  • Attach to walls using standard bolts with large washers (not included)

Feeder is NOT intended to sit flat on the ground

In order to mount the Corner Feeder simply drill holes through the top and bolt it directly onto the wall using whatever style bolt you think is best for your situation. We recommend you use large fender washers for extra security so the bolt does not pull through the plastic.  This product does not come with any type of mounting hardware, you get whatever you think you need to screw it into the wall at your local hardware store.  We recommend using 3 screws/bolts per side with large fender washers.  if you don't have a good mounting surface to hold the bolts, some folks put a 2x4 on the wall screwing the 2x4 into the studs in the wall and then screw the corner feeder into the 2x4.

We've received the following testimony and feedback from customers who purchased this product: 

"We have a 1200 lb horse that was shown in Halter. this horse is a pig and drops grain everywhere. we had his teeth done and that didn't fix a thing... he just needs to learn not to gourge his food and to eat with his mouth closed. The reason I added these to my barn was to solve the grain dropping problem with this horse. by dropping the grain in the main bucket he can't grab as much at once and he now drops the grain (for the most part) back into the bucket because it is so large. this kept him from eating off the floor and kept the barn a whole lot cleaner.  I also have a horse that is a chewer and this is holding up very well with him."