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High Country Plastics 15 Gallon Auto Water Basin

This great auto filling water basin by High Country Plastics is a great way to keep your horse or pet's water dish full, clean, and fresh which is key to their health and water consumption requirements. The High Country Plastics Water Basin holds 15 gallons of fresh water and refills to your level of desire. With this outstanding product, you'll never have to manually refill your animals water as it will automatically fill.  You can also adjust the position of the siphon valve to adjust the water level by the turn of a knob. Top: 26", bottom: 31", height 13".

The quality of this High Country Plastics Water Basin is outstanding as the water basins are rotational molded with high quality FDA approved UV protected plastic to ensure uniform thickness and strength for maximum durability and longevety. High Country Plastics only uses one piece construction which eliminates cracking and splitting common in lower quality plastic-welded, two piece construction copycats. All edges have been rounded for safety and strength.

Key Features include:
Adjustable level for auto water basin refills 
Automatic non-siphon valve
Promotes water consumption by keeping water clean and fresh
Includes pressure valve and 6' hose

The High Country Plastics 15 Gallon Auto Water Basin attaches to a standard outdoor spigot. If you need a long hose, a standard garden hose will work, or you have a problem with your dog chewing the hose, try a metal washing machine line with a female to male adapter. This should be available at your local home improvement store.

Weight: 13.0 lbs.



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